Breast Cancer Gene: Understand Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast Cancer Gene:  Understand Your Breast Reconstruction Options

breast-cancerThailand Breast reconstruction surgery is an option for women who have had to undergo breast removal due to tumors within the breast.

Though removal of a breast will cut down the spreading of cancer by ninety percent, it can be debilitating to have the breasts removed and can follow with psychological and emotional trauma. Breast reconstruction works through using fat injections and nipple surgery.

  • All parts of the breast can be surgically reconstructed including gummy bear breast implants, which is a leak-proof breast implant, made of gel and silicone.
  • If a leak does occur, the gel would be trapped inside by the shell. Such methods are quality procedures being done by plastic surgeons that have learned the latest methods of breast enhancement surgery. Because these methods are advanced, many believe that such procedures are expensive and this should not be the case.
  • Those looking to get breast surgery in Thailand should look for plastic surgeons that are high skilled and offer their services at an affordable price. If not satisfied with local prices from other surgeons then Urban Beauty Thailand can help potential clients in finding the right doctor that can help them.

breast cancer-breast-augmentation-bangkok-thailandUrban Beauty is a beauty and fashion consulting firm, which also has experience in medical tourism in Thailand. They have professional contracts with accredited hospitals in Thailand who can provide a board certified plastic surgeon who provides implants, breast reconstruction surgery, gummy bear breast implants and silicone breast implants.

This also includes women who may not have breast cancer, but may simply need a breast lift or some other form of surgery pertaining to the breast. Women who have faced trauma to the breast area can also use the services of Thai doctors who are experienced, certified and accustomed to dealing with clients from abroad.

  • Places like Bangkok and Phuket are great places in Thailand that offer breast surgery at affordable rates. The reason so many go to Thailand for breast surgery is because of the high quality and cheap pricing that doctors can offer over there.
  • This is one instance where patients can get quite a deal while still receiving quality work and attentive doctors. People should never believe that with cheap prices also come cheap results.
  • It takes research and some digging to find the right plastic surgeon no matter where they are.

People should always be aware of scam artists and fraudulent doctors that offer services at ridiculously low rates for a little compromise in sanitation and work conditions. There should be no compromise when it comes to safety and health. Instruments should always be clean and the area should be pristine and sanitary. Anyone offering less will pose a danger to anyone who goes under the knife, which could result in sickness, serious injury or death.
There should always be a team of people as the procedure is being done. Potential clients should look into the background of any hospital or doctor offering breast surgery in Thailand. Looking into their background and how many breast procedures they have done will give patients a peace of mind in knowing that they will be taken care of.

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