Dental Inlays Thailand


Why Dental Inlays Thailand

  • Are One Of The Quickest Ways To Save Your Teeth
  • Are your teeth too weak to support a traditional filling?
  • Are you worried that your teeth are going to completely root?
  • Does the thought of losing your smile depress you?

If you answered in the affirmative to the questions above, perhaps dental inlays are the ideal solution for you. At Urban Beauty Thailand, we usually use porcelain dental inlays to promote a natural appearance. The entire procedure often needs two separate visits but it’s possible to compress it into a single day if we are informed beforehand.

Fixing Your Teeth at Urban Beauty Thailand

Basically, the first visit involves us taking an impression of your teeth and creating a temporary filling. We create the new dental inlays which are applied on the second visit. This procedure is very similar to fillings except for the fact that all the work takes place on the cusps which lie on the chewing surface of your teeth. Once the procedure is completed, you’ll look like you have a new set of teeth

There are several reasons !
why dental inlays are better than normal fillings or crowns:

  • Appearance: The trouble with fillings is that they tend to discolor after a certain period of time. This makes the teeth look unpleasant and lowers the self-esteem of the patient. We use porcelain dental inlays so that your teeth never lose their pristine shine.
  • Better Fit: Dental inlays prevent you from having to undergo serious dental surgery once a certain amount of damage has been done. If you only have a relatively small level of tooth decay, dental inlays are a much better choice then crowns which are more suited to seriously decayed teeth. With inlays, your teeth will be sealed and protected from bacteria which ensures your teeth remain strong and clean.
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: One problem with dental crowns is that they can sometimes make it hard to clean your teeth. With dental inlays, you receive a tailor made fit on all sides which makes it easier to brush comprehensively. When composite fillings undergo the curing process, they may shrink. Porcelain dental inlays will not.
  • Toughness: Because dental inlays are a perfect fit and made from extremely strong material, they are a secure way to enhance the strength of weakened teeth. They ensure that all the healthy parts of the teeth remain strong while helping weaker areas.
  • Once you have received dental inlays, expect them to last for up to 30 years if you care for your teeth. Patients are delighted with the procedure because they endure a far lower level of pain than they would during extensive dental surgery. The recovery time is almost non-existent which ensures that all our patients can enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand and the affordable luxury accommodation in the area.

Booking with Urban Beauty Thailand

  • If you want transform your damaged teeth, book an appointment for dental inlays today with Urban Beauty Thailand.
  • Our goal is to allow you to enjoy a dream holiday with a strong set of teeth.
  • The prospect of having to wear dentures will be eliminated and you can enjoy many happy decades with youthful, healthy teeth and gums.