Wonder Muscle Thailand: Amazing Transformations in Bangkok, Thailand

Wonder Muscle Thailand: Amazing Transformations in Bangkok, Thailand!

The most powerful technology to build MUSCLE and burn fat.

A revolutionary way to burn fat and build muscle is on its way to Bangkok, Thailand, allowing you a non-surgical way to sculpt multiple areas of your body. The Wonder Muscle is a state-of-the-art device that mimics a workout by breaking down the fibers in your muscles so that your body can build them back up, bigger, better, and stronger than ever. Suitable for all body types, and with sessions as short as 25 minutes, Urban Beauty Thailand is your go to destination to reap the many benefits offered by the Wonder Muscle!

Experience the revolutionary new way of shaping up.

Wonder uses both Selective Neurostimulation and High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (HIEMS) to target below the surface of the skin, stimulating the muscle fibers to activate fat loss and toning. The concentration of these HIEMS waves on the muscle mass is what sets Wonder apart from similar technology that only targets skin and fat, allowing it to aid in weight loss and overall appearance. Unlike muscle contractions experienced during physical activity, these are supramaximal muscle contractions, which use more calories and create more tension in the muscles, giving the user a non-surgical butt lift while tightening skin and smoothing cellulite.

If you have ever considered liposuction or other surgical options to aid in changing your appearance, Wonder is for you. Not only does it help with weight loss and appearance, but it increases blood supply within the body, pushing more oxygen and nutrients through your system and giving you more energy. Wonder utilizes the newest technology and has undergone numerous clinal studies that support its efficacy. It has been trusted by professional athletes to help recover from strenuous activity and to increase strength, endurance, and balance. Let Wonder do the same for you!

Wonder targets four zones within the body: the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs. These zones can be targeted all at once, or you can choose to work on only one area if you prefer. Electromagnetic panels and sensors conduct the impulses to your muscles, causing the muscle contractions that will sculpt your body from the inside out. One hour of time with the Wonder equals about three hours of conventional training and physical exercise. With no injections and no anesthesia, Wonder is a safe option to get the six pack abs you have always dreamed about!

Wonder is unique focused and selective High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (HIEMS) could work simultaneously on four areas of the human body: abdominal, gluteal, arms and legs, leading to an increase in muscle mass. After just a few training sessions critically increases the size of gluteal, abdominal and leg muscles.

To learn more about the Wonder Muscle, visit www.urbanbeautythailand.com where 1 session is 6,500THB or a package of 8 sessions is 40,000THB.