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Proper Botox, Real Results! Botox Thailand cost 250bath/approx. $7 USD per unit


For some reason, Botox has gained a bad reputation in some quarters and is even derided in some places. However, we know that the reason for this mainly boils down to botched Botox procedures which almost seems to be the norm in the West. Celebrities pay tens of thousands of dollars for Botox but are robbed of their facial expressions. Many of these celebrities are in the movie industry so their problem is even more apparent!


Instead of taking out a second mortgage for a procedure that will make you look like a mannequin, book an appointment with Urban Beauty Thailand for a botox injection today that will make you look years younger, will not break the bank and most importantly, will ensure that you remain looking like a person and not a statue!


Why Botox Thailand?
We all develop wrinkles which are a combination or stress, lifestyle and general aging. Although these wrinkles took many years to manifest themselves, we tend to wake up one day and see these imperfections all at once. The sight horrifies us and we feel as if our lives are basically over because we are so aged. Thankfully, a botox injection is one of the simplest, safest and most effective ways to deal with wrinkles. Botox  Thailand will:

  • botox thailandBotox Thailand – improve deep and moderately visible lines on your forehead
  • Botox Thailand – remove obvious furrows from your eyebrows
  • Botox Thailand – remove crow’s feet and eye wrinkles
  • Botox Thailand – relax the muscles in your face
  • Botox Thailand – remove wrinkles from all over your face, resulting in clearer skin

The Botox Procedure in Thailand

  • As Botox only involves an injection, the entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. In fact, the injection itself only takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • There is no anesthetic required though a special cream can be applied to the area(s) being injected to reduce the pain of the needle.
  • You need to contract your muscles before the first injection so that our surgeon can find the exact spot to place the needle.
  • The Botox will then be injected into the muscles of the face which are known to cause wrinkles, furrows and other facial imperfections.
  • You can leave the clinic virtually any time after the procedure as long as you feel fit and well enough to do so.
  • In general, a Botox injection will last for approximately four months.
  • Before and After Botox Thailand

Botox Thailand Side Effects

  • botoxThe Botox Thailand injections are performed by expert surgeons with decades of international experience. As a consequence, the few side effects associated with Botox Thailand injections are even rarer when the procedure is performed in an Urban Beauty Thailand centre.
  • However, there can be some minor side effects including numbness, a small amount of bruising and swelling, nausea, symptoms reminiscent of the flu and headaches.
  • Avoid Botox if you are currently on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication or herbal remedies as these could react badly with the Botox. Otherwise, any pains and aches can be dealt with thanks to painkillers administered by Urban Beauty Thailand staff.

Don’t listen to the stories you hear about celebrities who have problems with Botox. Many of these people have already ruined their face with numerous other procedures and are blaming Botox for their predicament. There is also the possibility that their surgeon is asked to inject too much of the substance which is why their faces become rigid.

At Urban Beauty Thailand, we know exactly how much Botox is required to make you look and feel younger. Book an appointment today and allow our team to make you feel like one of the family at one of our clinics which located all over Thailand.

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