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Buccal fat extraction in Thailand (Cheek Reduction Surgery  in Thailand)

Some people have what can only be called chipmunk cheeks. On some individuals, this can look good.

On others, it looks like they are storing nuts for the winter.

If you have chubby cheeks and you want a thinner, more chiseled looking face, you can consider buccal fat extraction, also called a cheek reduction. Buccal is pronounced BUCK-ull, just like a belt buckle.

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Buccal Fat Removal Thailand

Having that perfect appearance is something every person desires. It not only boosts your own confidence, but it also brings in more of the attention you want. Sometimes, though, getting that look requires surgery. While this may frighten some, that is not necessary. There are places that offer a safe surgery and results that you want.

If you are seeking buccal fat removal, then you have options available to you that are safe and reliable. The buccal fat removal Thailand offers is high tech, safe, and, best of all, offers the results you desire.

  • You can go back on the town in no time, enjoying your new, more slender appearance.
  • You will be happier with not only the surgery itself, but also the way you look.
  • Your confidence will grow and everyone will see that.
  • For those who do not know, buccal is the fat inside the mouth.
  • When there is too much of it, the face looks much too plump.
  • This is very undesirable to many people, leaving them seeking ways to get rid of it. Surgery is, of course, the best option.
  • This type of surgery is not something to worry about and most people can qualify for it.
  • There are some typical requirements for surgery, which a doctor can talk to you about during a consultation, but, overall, it is something that just about anyone will be able to get.
  • You do have options out there and, when it comes to your own body and face, you need to make the right decision. With this surgery, you know that is exactly what you are doing.

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What the Result I Can Expect

  • Many seeking surgery hope for the least invasive and easiest option and Bangkok laser buccal fat removal is that option. Lasers are known to be one of the safest options for people, as well as being one that works incredibly well.
  • They are not invasive but still provide dramatic results. With lasers, the surgery will also not take as much time. You are capable of getting your needed work and leaving the same day, getting back to your own life.
  • When you choose cosmetic surgery, you want to experience the results as quickly as possible, and that is what you get with lasers.
  • Fat removal is something many see as needed, especially when they feel it interferes with their life. When seeking cosmetic surgery Thailand offers, it is always best to know what you will go through. With buccal fat removal, it is all quite simple.
  • The surgery is neither extensive nor invasive and most will qualify. Afterwards, you have a thinner face that you cannot easily get any other way. The look is undeniably attractive and everyone will love the results. Of course, it is better to go in when you are at an older age,

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You will probably be asked to have blood tests done about a week in advance of your surgery. You may be asked to have a general physical At Urban Beauty Thailand- In a buccal fat extraction

  • Buccal fat extraction Thailand– Surgeon will make an incision about 2 to 4 cm long inside your mouth, between your cheek and gums The incision will be towards the back of you mouth above your second upper molar.
  • Buccal fat extraction Thailand – For some people, the amount of fat removed is the size of a golf ball, but the amount removed should be what is appropriate to your needs.
  • Buccal fat extraction Thailand -Surgeon then closes your incisions with a non dissolvable type of suture and may put a piece of antibiotic-soaked gauze between your upper molars and your gums and apply a pressure dressing around the top of your head to underneath your chin. The types of sutures and dressings used varies among surgeons
  • Buccal fat extraction Thailand – You are then awakened and brought to the recovery room where you will be monitored until you are ready to be released, usually in about 2 hours.  Your face may feel tight and tender.  You may even feel emotional or upset, cold, woozy, or nauseated as you come out of anesthesia. This is normal. If you feel as if you will vomit, alert one of the nurses.
  • Buccal fat extraction Thailand – You cannot drive yourself home after surgery and must be driven home by a responsible adult.

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After your face is more settled in the way it looks. This will allow both you and the surgeon to know what exactly you need to focus on, ending with the best results. When seeking surgery in Thailand, it is always best to have your best in mind. With this surgery, you can and you will see a very dramatic difference, one that will make you proud.

When you book with us, there are no hidden fees or extra charges as you will pay directly to hospital, what you see is what you get!

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