Get Gorgeous Now with Facial Liposuction

Get Gorgeous Now with Facial Liposuction in Bangkok Thailand – Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Get Gorgeous Now with Facial Liposuction in Bangkok Thailand

    • Liposuction, the procedure used to remove unwanted fat from parts of the body, is often associated with lower parts of the body like the abdomen and thighs. However, many people are turning to liposuction to remove fat from the face.

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  • Losing weight all around the body is difficult enough, but even after achieving that weight loss, fat often remains on the face, especially the cheeks and under the jaw. Many people have the infamous “double chin” or puffy cheeks left over after losing a drastic amount of weight.

Neck liposuction Bangkok, Thailand is started at 50,000 baht/approx. $1,340USD only.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise doesn’t always affect the amount of fat left on the face.

    • To get rid of the fat in these areas, patients opt to get facial liposuction. It is just like liposuction for the other areas of the body, but instead the fat from the face is removed.
    • The results of this procedure are instant and many are left satisfied with the results.
    • Most commonly done with liposuction are cheek reductions and removal of extra fat under the chin. If the extra fat is an outstanding problem, then facial liposuction may be the best option.
  • Before getting the procedure, make sure to consult with a high skilled, board certified surgeon to get a proper examination and approval for the procedure.

Since weight loss and gain affect the results of the procedure, make sure you do not plan on gaining or losing any more weight after getting the procedure.

Vaser Lipo Neck Lift thailand


Also, avoiding smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as these factors may affect the outcome of the procedure.

    • The procedure is performed in a short amount of time and isn’t very invasive. It involves making a small incision near the area where the fat is to be removed. Then, a small tube is inserted into that area and moved back and forth to break up the fat.
    • After the procedure is done, the incision is sealed. All of this is done with sedation and local anesthesia. Some patients may require general anesthesia.
    • Most people who get this procedure return to work within five days.
  • The results are instantly visibly, given there is no swelling. There may be some bleeding and pain afterwards, but for the most part there are no other side affects if the procedure was performed correctly. Other alternative versions of the procedure exist, such as ultra sound assisted liposuction.

Before and After Facial Liposuction + Thread lift Contouring;

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Facial liposuction costs up to $5,000 in U.S.A. To get the procedure for a much more affordable price, many people are opting to go to Bangkok or Phuket, Thailand to have it done. Overseas, cosmetic procedures cost less than in the United States. Bespoke one stop services like Urban Beauty Thailand provide offer travel services to people who wish to do this.

We also provide customers with low price hotels and refer them to places where cosmetic procedures are done for a low price. Thailand has become a go-to place for cosmetic procedures like botox and weight loss surgeries. Be it in the United States or Thailand, getting facial liposuction to improve your facial profile can make a great difference in your appearance and confidence.

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