Best Price Dental Crowns Thailand

Best Price Dental Crowns Thailand – Cosmetic dentistry Bangkok, Phuket Thailand

Restore Your Smile With Dental Crowns Thailand

Dental Crowns Bangkok Start at ONLY 9,000 baht/approx. $250 USD

It’s quite clear that weak and structurally damaged teeth are not conducive to a positive physical appearance. If you have bad teeth, chances are, you try to avoid smiling as much as possible. This probably gives other people the impression that you are sullen or moody even if this isn’t the case at all.


Dental crowns Thailand are one of the many treatments offered at Urban Beauty Thailand that can help you gain more confidence in your smile and by extension, become easier to approach which will greatly improve your social life.

Dental crowns Thailand are placed over your teeth in a bid to improve their condition by reshaping them, making them stronger and producing a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

You should consider adding dental crowns Thailand to your teeth in order to:

  • Protect weak teeth and prevent them from cracking
  • Hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  • Restore a tooth that has been badly worn down
  • Support teeth with large fillings which don’t have much tooth left
  • Keep a dental bridge in place
  • Cover teeth that are discolored or misshapen and Protect dental implant

There are a variety of different dental crowns Thailand available:

  •     Metal: These are strong but extremely unpleasant looking
  •     All-Resin: These are cheap but wear down quickly
  •     All-Ceramic: Provide a good natural color but wear down opposing teeth quickly

As you can see, these dental crowns all have advantages but there are some obvious weak points. This is why we use Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns Thailand when assisting our patients at Urban Beauty Thailand. They are extremely strong and can be used for either front or back teeth. It is aesthetically pleasing because this form of dental crown Thailand looks natural.

Once you have decided that dental crowns Thailand are for you, the next step is to prepare you for the procedure.

We do this as follows:

  • X-Ray: Your teeth will be x-rayed to ensure that there is no extensive decay or risk of infection or injury. If our team believes that these risks are present, you may need a root canal performed before the treatment can go ahead.
  • Creating The Crown: The teeth receiving the crowns will be anesthetized as will the gum tissue that surrounds it. These teeth will then be filed down to ensure that there is room for the dental crowns.
  • Making An Impression: Paste or putty will be used to make an impression of your teeth and we will also ensure that the crowns don’t affect your bite.
  • Manufacture: You will need to come to Thailand a week before the surgery because we have to create the crown before installing it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Thailand!
  • Fitting: The temporary crowns are removed and the new one is fitted. We will give you some anesthetic before the crowns are permanently put in place.


When you have the temporary dental crowns, you need to be careful and take a few precautions:

  •     Avoid foods that are sticky and chewy
  •     Use the side of your mouth as little as possible
  •     Don’t chew on hard foods like raw vegetables
  •     When flossing your teeth, slide the floss out instead of lifting it

Price list for Dental Crowns Bangkok, Thailand

Dental Crowns Bangkok Start at ONLY 9,000 baht/approx. $250 USD

  • Crowns – Porcelain fused to Standard Alloy                          (tooth) 9,000 baht/approx. $250 USD
  • Crowns – Porcelain fused to Semi-Precious Alloy                (tooth) 13,000 – 18,000 baht/approx. $362-500USD
  • Crowns – All Ceramic 3M Lava / IPS e.Max (1-5 teeth)       (tooth) 15,500 baht/approx. $431USD
  • Crowns – All Ceramic 3M Lava / IPS e.Max (>6 teeth)         (tooth) 14,500 baht/approx. $403USD
  • Crowns – All Ceramic Cercon Smart Ceramics                       (tooth) 17,000 baht/approx. $472USD
  • Crowns – All Ceramic Procera                                                    (tooth) 18,000 baht/approx. $500USD

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