Jaw Surgery (MtF)

Jaw Surgery (MtF)

Jaw Surgery Services

You have often heard women cooing over Hollywood leading men and admiring their ‘masculine’ jaw. Even a cursory glance at both sexes will tell you that men and women have a very different jaw line. You cannot disguise the structure of your face with make-up so if you have genuine intentions of making a total physical transformation into a woman, you will need to avail of jaw surgery services.

Jaw reduction is the main type of surgery offered at Urban Beauty Thailand and is much more than just changing the lower face. It should alter the patient’s facial frame so that it is in the right proportion. The male jaw bone is thicker so jaw surgery services for facial feminization will make your jaw bone thinner, create the classic triangular jaw shape and tend to the masseter muscles (these control biting and chewing) which are more developed in males.

jaw surgery bangkok thailandThe main jaw surgery services offered include:

The Procedure

Jaw reduction is the most common of our jaw surgery services and rids you of that masculine jaw which threatens your femininity. The procedure is as follows:

  • An incision is made on the lower gums which is how the surgeon gains access to the jaw bone.
  • It is likely that the surgeon will use special electric drills to reduce the ridge that runs along the jaw bone.
  • This procedure tapers the sides of the jaw with the back corners also getting ground or trimmed.
  • The result of this is to reduce the height of the jaw and also make the shape of the jaw softer.
  • Certain woman have well defined jaws but they have narrower facial frames than men. This is why the surgeon will make your facial frame look narrower than before when viewed from the front.
  • The masseter muscles will also be reduced if they are deemed by the patient and medical team to be to thick.


  • Once the procedure is complete, we will place a compression bandage on your face and remove it approximately 48 hours after the surgery.
  • You will also be on a liquid diet for a few days with meals such as mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, eggs and soft pasta your staple diet during this time. All food you will be served can be swallowed without chewing. The wounds from the incision on the lower gums must also be well cleaned until they heal. We recommend the use of mouthwash.
  • You can return to your regular routine within 10 days of the surgery but the swelling will still be apparent. However, any strenuous activity should be put on hold for up to 4 weeks after the surgery. You need to sleep with your head elevated to reduce the swelling and bruising that manifests itself. We also recommend the use of ice packs during the first few days as these are terrific at keeping the swelling down.

One day, you will wake up and look 100% like a woman. It will take time and effort but with the help of Urban Beauty Thailand, we can make a positive difference in your life. If you wish to have a jaw that is clearly defined as belonging to a female, book an appointment with us today. Our internationally trained staff offer you 24 hour service and will make your time inside the clinic feel like a vacation.