Lip Plumping Injection (MtF)

lip plump injection

Why A Lip Plumping Injection Is The Quickest Way To Get That Pout!

The eyes may be the windows to the soul but the lips are what give many women their allure. If you look closely at men and women’s lips and compare the differences, you will notice that women’s lips tend to be fuller, more curled up and with a greater propensity to show the upper teeth. Women’s lips are also shorter so to gain the same head turning set of lips as a beautiful woman, you need to look for a lip plumping injection.

An injection is a convenient alternative to surgery and we offer it here at Urban Beauty Thailand. If you are fearful of your face being scarred with surgery, a lip plumping injection will allay your fears. There are no scars, little recovery time and amazing results.

Lip Plumping Injection Procedure

The procedure is fast so here is a simple overview of what will happen:

  • Your lips will be injected with a filler that gives you sexy lips without the pain or recovery time associated with surgery.
  • The entire procedure lasts less than 10 minutes.
  • You only need a local anesthetic to numb the injection. It is not very different to a flu jab except for the fact that it’s in your lips and it takes slightly longer.
  • The effects of the injection will last several months.
  • You will feel some pain immediately after the procedure when the local anesthetic wears off.

Alternative Lip Plumping Injection Procedures

  • Gortex is a substance that is used if a patient is after a more permanent effect.
  • This material gets injected into the lips and they increase in size.
  • You also have another solution which involves fat injections.
  • This procedure involves taking fat from your own body (normally the abdomen or buttocks).
  • This fat is then washed before being injected into the lips.
  • The main problem with this procedure is that the fat gets absorbed into the body relatively quickly and the lips start to deflate.

lip fat grafting phuket bangkokAm I A Good Candidate For A Lip Plumping Injection?

Like with all other forms of cosmetic surgery, you need to be in good general health. For our patient’s own safety, we generally disallow applicants with the following conditions:

  • Blood clotting
  • Lip scarring
  • Serious illnesses such as lupus or diabetes
  • Cold sores


As a lip plumping injection doesn’t require any surgery, you are free to leave soon after the procedure. At Urban Beauty Thailand, you can ask one of our staff to accompany you back to your hotel as there is a chance you may feel a bit uncomfortable for a few hours. You could return to work within a few days but we would prefer if you stayed and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Thailand!

Your transformation into a woman is not complete unless you have the head-turning, fuller lips of a beautiful female. Book an appointment with us today and we can give you lips that Angelina Jolie would be proud of!