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Fat Grafting Thailand and its Magic

Fat transfer Thailand hospitals have been doing for decades is one of the most popular procedures for reducing the appearance of aging to the facial areas of the skin. Every year thousands of people undergo fat grafting Thailand clinics and hospitals are performing with great success.


  • For a minimally invasive procedure, patients receive a more youthful, vibrant appearance that takes years off their looks with a minimal of side effects.
  • There are a number of different types of fat transfer Thailand procedures that can be undertaken by people looking to create a more youthful look to their faces.
  • Some of these procedures are regularly used by celebrities to help keep their appearances looking more youthful and energetic while on screen, however anyone can take advantage of these methods thanks to the fat grafting Thailand hospitals and clinics perform.
  • The typical fat transfer procedure is taking fat cells from one area of the body where they are not needed and injected into a particular part of the face to reduce wrinkles and give a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Here are some of the most common fat transfer Thailand physicians perform every year.

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Lips: One of the most common areas for fat injection is the lips.

  • Creating fuller, healthier looking lips starts by applying a local anesthetic to the area of the body where the fat will be removed and the lips to numb the effect of the injection.
  • The fat is then injected along the linings of the lips which not only bring out their fullness, but also reduce the wrinkles under the lips which are a definite sign of aging.
  • The results can last for several years depending on the effectiveness of the procedure.


Cheeks: Mostly used for scars caused by acne or perhaps an injury, the fat injection method is the same as with the lips but is used to fill out the indentation caused by the scar.

  • In this manner the cheek is then smoothed out and creates a more uniform appearance.
  • In some cases multiple treatments are required depending on the number of scars or wrinkles involved, but the results can last for several years.

Eyes: One of the most popular areas for fat grafting Thailand surgeons perform.

  • eye fat grafting fat transfer thailandThe fat injections can be done in three general places depending on where the fat is needed to fill out the wrinkles.
  • Under the eye bags, the dark circles around the eye or in the hollows of the eye sockets are perfect places for fat injection to create a more youthful appearance.
  • Fat inject in these areas will add a more youthful vibrancy and smooth out the wrinkles which are quite common in these areas.

Plus, the eye hollow is perhaps the perfect place for fat injection since the hollows of the eyes can create an appearance much older than we really are. About the only downside is the need for repeated treatments over time as the fat gets absorbed back into the body. While these treatments do need to be repeated over time they are generally less expensive and far less risky compared to traditional surgical methods.

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