Facial Fat Transfer in Thailand – How long does fat transfer to face last

Facial Fat Transfer in Thailand -How long does fat transfer to face last 

Facial Fat Transfer in Thailand

Price start at 30,000 baht/approx.$860USD

Facial Fat Transfer in Thailand – How long does fat transfer to face last

Facial Fat Transfer in Thailand is available in Bangkok, Thailand. People have been searching for effective, safe means of taking away years of aging from their faces. However most of these procedures carry with them problematic side effects, the potential dangers of surgery or simply not having the long lasting effect that they were hoping for.

One proven method that has been around for decades has become one of the top choices for men and women looking to reduce the wrinkles around the skin while having minimal side effects.

  • The facial fat transfer Thailand hospitals and clinics are known for thanks to their cost effectiveness while providing solid, modern services can remove the years while offering little risk.
  • Unlike face lifts and other surgical procedures, the fat transfer literally takes fat cells from one part of your body that does not need them and injects them under the skin in the facial area.
  • This fat injection is usually done under the wrinkles in the forehead, brow, and lips and around the eyes to help reduce their appearance.


At Urban Beauty Thailand, the fat transfer is a safe, proven procedure because it does not involve stretching or removing the skin. Fat injection can also be used to smooth out ugly scars, even those caused by acne to create a more normal, pleasing appearance.

This procedure has been performed on tens of thousands of people over the decades with few, if any side effects.

  • You will experience some swelling and perhaps mild bruising in the area depending on the blood vessels that have been affected by the fat injection. But these effects are quite mild and will fade over time.
  • However, it must be stated that the biggest drawback to fat transfer is that the body will reabsorb the fat, from 10% to 90% of the fat will disappear from the area in which it was injected from three months to a year’s time depending on the patient, the location of the fat transfer and the type of fat cells that are used.
  • This means that the facial fat transfer in Thailand system needs to be repeated on a fairly regular basis in order to maintain the smoother, more youthful appearance of the skin.
  • A Stem cell fat graft is another fat transfer procedure, which is quite popular as well. Stem cell fat graft is one of the newer methods of smoothing out the skin and the procedure is roughly the same as a normal fat injection.
  • In all facial fat injection cases, the patient does not need hospitalization, there are only local anesthetics used and after a few days they can go back to work.
  • The facial fat transfer in Thailand clinics and hospitals has been performed for decades and remains one of the most popular methods available. It is highly effective both in terms of cost and results plus there are few, if any side effects.
  • Many of the patients can check out the day of the procedure and spend the rest of their vacation in beautiful, exotic Thailand.



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