Lips Surgery (MtF)

Lips Surgery Facts

lip surgery thailand mtfThere is something seductive about female lips that drive men wild. If you truly wish to finish your journey and become a fully-fledged woman, lips surgery is essential. It can help you perfect the pout that is synonymous with womanhood. Like most other cosmetic surgery procedures we have discussed, lips surgery is very different when performed for facial feminization purposes.

When it comes to having lips surgery, you need to realize that the upper lip is of paramount importance. While there are differences in the lower lip too, they are not nearly as pronounced as those in the upper lip. Next time you see a woman with her mouth half open, notice how her upper teeth are exposed. This happens in most women.

The female upper lip is usually shorter than its male counterpart when the overall height of the face is taken into account. These upper teeth are not often exposed in men. This feminine trait is also indicative of youth because as women get older, the upper lip starts to droop and cover their teeth.

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Lips Surgery For Facial Feminization

The upper lip lift is another one of the simplest cosmetic procedures available and also has among the quickest recovery times. Yet despite this, it creates a feminizing change that is noticeable and permanent.

  • One of our surgeons will cut and remove a piece of skin and muscle that is located just below the nose.
  • The resulting gap’s lower border is pulled towards the upper border with stitches used to join them together.
  • As a result, the upper lip’s external face will become shorter. This causes the lip to roll up and leave a larger visible vermillion area, the extra curvature increases the lip projection and the patient’s upper teeth will be exposed by up to half a centimeter.
  • If the lip is still too thin after this particular lips surgery, we can use an injectable product which will increase the size and give you a fuller, sexier upper lip.

Additional Information

This type of lips surgery is extremely quick and easy which is why it is available for approximately 45,000baht/appx 1,500usd. Our medical team will only need to use local anesthesia and the whole procedure could be completed in less than an hour. There will be a small piece of gauze below your nose for 48 hours after the surgery but this can be replaced by a regular band-aid. There will also be a small scar below the nose which is visible for a few weeks. Swelling and bruising will last for 2-3 days and the stitches are taken out after a week.

Are you eager to not just become a woman on the outside, but to be extremely sexy?
Do you want confidence and become the bright, carefree woman you’ve always wanted to be?
Are you hoping to attract a few members of the male sex with your sexy new look?

If so, book an appointment with Urban Beauty Thailand today and we can perform quick, painless lip surgery that gives you that little piece of extra femininity that you so desperately crave.