Stem Cell Treatment for DIABETES in Bangkok, Thailand

Stem Cell Treatment for DIABETES in Bangkok, Thailand – Anti-aging Bangkok, Thailand


Stem Cell Treatment for DIABETES in Bangkok, Thailand

Diabetes is the fastest growing long term disease that affects millions of people worldwide and it is projected that by 2025, there will be, almost, a 70% increase in the number of cases of diabetes worldwide with changing lifestyles and dietary habits in the developing world.

Diabetes is caused by high blood glucose level that can affect the production of insulin in the body and characterized by a progressive loss of β cell function throughout the course of the disease. Protecting the remaining cells and adding a sufficient number of β cells are the main focus of cell therapy of diabetes because the primary function of the β cell is to store and release insulin that controls glucose levels in the blood

Diabetes leads to an abnormally high build up of sugar glucose in the bloodstream and has seriously damaging effects on the body that can lead to blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and possible amputation of the limbs.

There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type I, or the juvenile-onset diabetes that affects young children and is typified by general insulin resistance which means that the body simply cannot produce or use insulin.
  • Type II diabetes or the adult-onset diabetes is caused by lifestyle choices and genetic preposition. Diabetes disease is chronic and degenerative, and, as the pancreas deteriorates, the rest of the body begins to suffer and may lead to death.

A constant monitor of blood glucose levels, inject the body with the insulin your pancreas can no longer produce and strictly adhere to specific diet and exercise regimen are some of the treatments diabetic patient may undergo. But there’s another way, stem cell treatment for diabetes in Thailand – one that can give you your life back and reverse the negative effects of diabetes.

Stem cell therapy Thailand goes straight to the source of the problem – damage on the cellular level. It is essentially like a transplant on the cellular level which means that the patient is injected with stem cells from their own body, and these cells begin to function in place of the pancreatic cells that have ceased to work.

Health Regen D Plus program for Type II Diabetes and Treat Regen Diabetes Program for Type I diabetes are the two effective autologous adult stem cell therapy Thailand programs developed especially for diabetic patients using the Peripheral Blood Stem Cells method.

This method uses the patient’s own adult stem cells generated from bone marrow.

  • With this method, the patient will be given a stem cell mobilization growth factor that would stimulate the production of stem cells in the bone marrow.
  • The procedure goes this way: harvesting of the stem cell from the circulating blood, cleaned, activated using the Adistem Technology to come into full functionality, and injected back to the patient.
  • This method is the preferred procedure of the Urban Beauty Thailand top surgeon in propagating stem cells.
  • Proven to be the most effective procedure, it is simple, safe and does not involve the risk concurrent with the localized anesthesia and multiple invasive marrow aspirations.
  • You can expect results that are impressive after the treatment such as regenerating pancreatic tissues, and in some cases, reduce/eliminate the need of insulin injection for those Type I Diabetes patients.
  • And a remarkable result from stem cell therapy Thailand for Type II diabetes, it can assist in controlling sugar levels as well as reducing or eliminating the complications that may arise in the patients.
  • As we cannot promise a total cure for diabetes for our patients who will undergo one of our treatments, we can assure of an improved health condition and a healthier body.

Stem cell therapy Thailand is currently available to those who seek a cure for their diabetes. At Urban Beauty Thailand we can provide you with all information you need about these life-saving therapies. We believe that it is our responsibility to be a partner in your journey toward a cure. No one should have to suffer with their illness alone. Our purpose in life is to be the helping hand that leads you to the answer you’re looking for. By working directly with the top doctors who are serving for decades and currently providing stem cell therapies, we can help you find the therapy that is right for you.

At Urban Beauty Thailand, we are committed in providing exceptional value for our patients. This means not only attractive and affordable pricing, but also a dedication to excellent results for our diabetes patients. Our doctors are highly-trained, board- surgeons by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who have decades of combined experience performing stem cell treatment. The Urban Beauty Thailand doctor’s team is highly-trained for several years not counting the doctor’s experience for 29 years that made them to the top and known for the Stem Cell Treatment

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