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Best Price Erectile Dysfunction treatment Thailand, using PRP, Stem Cell ED, MSC, Adult Stem Cells, Hormone Therapy, and other new option to treat Erectile Dysfunction Thailand.  At Urban Beauty Thailand offer Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Penile Dysfunction involves latest technology for Erectile Dysfunction in Thailand

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Do you struggle with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), achieving and sustaining an erection?  If so, you are not alone! Stem Cell Therapy aims to combat impotence through regeneration and revitalization.

ED is an embarrassing condition that can seriously impact your quality of life. Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is NOT normal at any age. Impotence can negatively affect your self-esteem and confidence, creating anxiety and even depression. The joy of sex is diminished and relationships can suffer.

               5% of men aged 40 and up to 25% of 65 year olds suffer long term ED.

Urban Beauty Thailand specialises in offering ED-sufferers Stem Cell Therapy, with pioneering techniques utilised by stem cell specialists in an accredited medical facility in Bangkok.

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Thailand

At Urban Beauty Thailand , Stem Cell Therapy for erectile penile dysfunction involves:

    • Injecting stem cells aimed at repairing:
    • Penile tissue
    • Penile artery
    • Microvascular disease (a main cause of impotence)
  • Cell damage

Stem Cell Therapy for ED is also aimed at regenerating:

    • Internal organs and tissues
  • Organ function and bodily systems

 The feedback we get from our clients at Urban Beauty Thailand is that results are usually visible within a couple of days and sexual performance improves within a few weeks.

Across all out Stem Cell Therapy programs, many of our clients in Thailand report positive effects of treatment, including feeling more energised, a stronger immune system and a more balanced emotional state, as well as an increase in libido.

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 What is Stem Cell Therapy?

    •  Stem cells are different than other cells in that they have no set identity and can be turned into any type of cell. It is this adaptability or plasticity that is inspiring ground-breaking stem cell research.
  • Stem cells target areas of the body where there is tissue damage and repair needs; focusing on specialisation, cell and tissue compatibility and regeneration in problem areas. The concept of stem cell rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy is to create a stronger, biologically younger body, helping prevent degenerative diseases.


Myths About ED and Stem Cell Therapy

    • Stem cells for erectile dysfunction are harvested from your body and are not embryonic stem cells. As a result, this treatment is much more accessible and affordable.
    • In the vast majority of cases, impotency is connected to a physical problem, rather than an emotional or psychological issue, highlighting the need to find a solution that targets the body..
    • ED is not a sign or aging but can be a symptom of an underlying health condition which needs to be addressed.
  • Stem Cell Therapy is recognised as a treatment for ED within the medical community as it tackles the lack of blood flow to a man’s penis. Damage to these blood vessels can relate to a range of serious physical ailments, such as diabetes, vascular disease, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Stem Cell Therapy in Thailand

Our Stem Cell Therapy follows accepted practices and research guidelines. All clinical research into stem cell treatments is currently approved by the Thai Medical Council.

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