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 Human Growth Hormone The Fountain of Youth – Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Urban Beauty Thailand Offers Discounts to HGH Users Human Growth Hormone:  The Fountain of Youth,

Urban Beauty Thailand is one of the most famous and popular company in Thailand when it comes to different kinds of surgery, beauty and wellness.  Now, Urban Beauty Thailand offers discounts to HGH users that will help those people in achieving the youth beauty that they want to have.

HGH Human Growth Hormone Thailand – although very controversial – is considered by some scientists, doctors and researchers to be one of the single most important protein / hormones in human development, health, regeneration, wellness and longevity. A growing number of anti-aging, longevity, and cell regeneration doctors swear by HGH.  However, HGH is now popularly used by professional athletes seeking to boost their performance, bodybuilders trying to increase muscle mass and Hollywood movie stars trying to maintain a youthful appearance as they age.

HGH in Thailand has proved to be very effective in reducing obesity or fat

    • Studies have found that the application of HGH Injections has made obese lower considerably and effectively following the Doctors’ prescription.
    • On the other hand, HGH Thailand has proven to be effective in recuperating elderly persons from illness and weakness due to their ages.
    • It can enhance the vigor of old persons as well as their mental awareness, and help rejuvenate saggy skin by stimulating collagen and elastin irrespective of sexes and ages.
    • In addition, using injectable human growth hormone therapy to increase levels of HGH has been known to increase sexual desire and frequency no matter what your age is.
    • After all, the growth hormone increases stamina, enhancing sex for both parties. HGH Injections are a very effective method for restoring a person’s libido and sexual functions.
    • FDA approved HGH Injections / Pens like ours work as panacea for healing disorders of children’s growth, aging ailments or adult HGH deficiencies, decreased muscle mass and short stature.
    • Though HGH Therapy Thailand is expensive, it can yield startling results if it is administered as per the consultations of the FDA approved or qualified physicians.

The Urban Beauty Thailand is the original and has one of a kind treatment in Plastic Surgery, and other forms of beauty and wellness. And HGH Treatment is one of the services they offer. The HGH in Thailand is provided for the top surgeons only who are the partners of Urban Beauty Thailand.

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Cost Review:

    • The consultation take one hour including taking the blood sample for hormone test.
    • A panal of hormone level are needed to optimize the result of the treatment as well as safety issue.
    • The treatment can be started on the same day of consultation .
    • The cost for hormone lab test is started  18,000baht/approx. $580USD
      •  Testosterone  cream is 8,500THB per bottle (3 months supply)
      • Testosterone injection cost is 15,000THB/approx. $430USD last for 3 months

The Urban Beauty Thailand is the best company for beauty and surgical treatments. Compare to other companies in the region, all of their prices are upfront and has a 100% satisfaction rate which means that they are professionals and experts giving world class service.

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