chin Augmentation (MtF)

Start Saving Now For Chin Augmentation!

  • chin augmentation mtf2What will you do with the $5,500 you’re about to save on chin augmentation?

  • Will you decide to put it towards a new car perhaps?

  • Have you other surgeries in your mind that this cash can be used towards?

  • Or else you can go wild and impulse buy like you’ve never done before or even donate some to a charity.

Notice how we didn’t mention a vacation? This is because you will save these thousands of dollars AND enjoy a vacation in Thailand at the same time. This is because you will have the chin augmentation performed by internationally renowned surgeons who are affiliated with Urban Beauty Thailand.

Chin augmentation for facial feminization is a must if you’re looking to finally erase all traces of the male you once were physically. This is because the male chin is wider and larger overall than the female equivalent. Chin augmentation enables our surgeons to modify the height, width and projection of your chin and ensure that the finished article is unmistakably female.

chin augmentation mtfChin augmentation usually involves:

  • The insertion of a tiny silicone implant in front of the jaw bone.
  • A quick incision is made and the implant is installed before everything is sown up again.
  • There are other procedures available including shaving the chin bone or a sliding genioplasty which alters the height and projection of the patient’s chin in a single surgery.
  • The sliding genioplasty involves an incision being made across the chin bone to separate the lower section. This lower section is shaped so that is resembles a horseshoe before the separated bone is installed with titanium screws. It is placed in a more forward position than before as this will increase chin projection.

Is Chin Augmentation For Me?

All patients who attend one of our clinics will be tested to ensure that they are in good health. Our medical team will discuss the procedure once you book an appointment. They will explain the procedure in great detail and you will inform them of your expectations. You should not seek chin augmentation if you:

  • Are suffering from depression or another mental illness
  • Have bone disorders
  • Have not taken medication such as Accutane for the last 6 months because this particular medication and similar products promote excessive facial bone growth


  • Our team will monitor you directly after the chin augmentation procedure and it is not unusual for you to feel confused and tender for a few hours after the procedure. You will be given medication for pain relief and to prevent infections.
  • It is possible that you will be swollen for between 3-5 months though the majority of swelling subsides before that.
  • There will also be bruising for some time after the procedure which is why we give all chin augmentation patients cold compresses after the surgery.
  • Cold compresses are excellent for keeping bruising and swelling down when used constantly within the first 48 hours. Keep your head elevated while sleeping for a few days after surgery.
  • Don’t lift any weights above five pounds and steer clear of strenuous activities for a minimum of three weeks.

Have You Decided How To Spend The $5,500 You’ve Saved Yet?

We have found that patients in the West pay in excess of $6,500 for chin augmentation. At an Urban Beauty Thailand clinic, expect to pay less than $1,000. It must be the cost of living in the West that makes it so expensive because there is no other reason. We use the same hi-tech equipment and have equally skilled and qualified surgeons, many of whom have worked and studied in the West.

Come to Thailand for your chin augmentation because you will be forced to save much less money. This equals:

  • Less time feeling depressed
  • Less time wondering what might be
  • Less time being held back from your dream of being a beautiful woman

Contact Urban Beauty Thailand today for more information on how a chin augmentation could be the ideal facial feminization surgery for you.