Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Thailand

endoscopic breast augmentation Thailand

Why An Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Thailand, Is A New And Improved Way To Get The Chest You’ve Always Desired

  • Endoscopic breast augmentation Thailand is a brand new procedure performed by top surgeons team over 30 years experiences.
  • We have really got the drop on other Thai clinics who still rely on the old method of breast augmentation. Our brand new procedure is quicker, easier and leaves far less scarring than its older counterpart.

What Is Breast Augmentation Thailand?

  • This is often known by the sobriquet ‘boob job’ and involves increasing the bust size of women.
  • Traditionally, silicone or saline implants are used to enhance the breasts. The result is a fuller, firmer chest and a delighted patient.
  • The trouble with this form of breast augmentation is the level of scarring that can occur.
  • It is still an amazingly effective way to increase the size of your chest but occasionally, the scars are visible and this is extremely distressing to the patient.

Why Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Thailand?

At Urban Beauty Thailand, we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to new cosmetic surgery techniques.
Our surgeons travel worldwide and gain knowledge from other specialists. They heard about endoscopic breast augmentation and concentrated on perfecting it.  Today, our surgeons are one of the few Thai clinics that perform the procedure effectively.
An endoscopic breast augmentation uses the power of an endoscope to give the surgeon a better view of the surgery. Small incisions are made and the endoscope helps the surgeon see the internal body structure of the patient. With an endoscopic breast augmentation:

  •     A tiny probe with a light and camera is placed in an incision
  •     The viewing screen shows the surgeon pictures of what’s inside
  •     This makes it easier for the surgeon to place breast implants inside the chest wall of the patient
  •     Smaller scars are needed and are easier to hide
  •     This also leads to quicker recovery time

This is a specialized procedure which is why so few clinics incorporate it. But the surgeons at Urban Beauty Thailand have the ability to perform an endoscopic breast augmentation like it’s just another procedure.

endoscopic breast augmentation Thailand bangkok Phuket

Can I Afford It?

  • That depends on whether or not you can afford to spend the rest of your life miserable because your flat chest doesn’t allow you to feel free and happy.
  • Endoscopic breast augmentation costs between 115,000-150,000 baht (approx. $3,800-$4,800) at Urban Beauty Thailand.

What would you do with the money if you didn’t spend it on endoscopic breast augmentation?

  • Take a vacation only to find that sun, sea and sand does nothing for your mood?
  • Save towards a new car that loses half its value with two years?
  • Spend it on material goods and rich food in an effort to make yourself feel better?
  • None of these things will help you shake off the fact that your breasts are destined to remain permanently small unless you do something about it.
  • Endoscopic breast augmentation in Thailand is thousands of dollars cheaper than in the West and is performed by world class surgeons.
  • You can have rich food, material goods, sun, sea and sand in Thailand but crucially, you can also finally have the fuller, eye-popping breasts you’ve always wanted.

They say that you shouldn’t put a price on happiness but appx $3,800 could be a magical figure that changes the way you look at things forever. If you’re ready to take that massive step, Urban Beauty will be right there by your side. Our staff are all fluent English speakers and are trained to make your stay in the clinic feel as if you’re on vacation so book an appointment today. Transform your breasts today with our incredible offer in Thailand, Tummy Tuck in Phuket, Breast Implants in Bangkok – Cosmetic Surgery Thailand