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Lip Surgery Thailand – Add Volume To Your Smile

Women are often self-conscious about their lips. Other areas of the body such as the posterior and breasts take CENTRE stage but the lips are still seen as an important aesthetics quality. There are few things sexier to a man than to see a woman with full pouting lips smile or blow an air kiss. It is a teasing, tantalizing signal that is made all the more alluring when the lady in question, has full, soft lips.


This is why lip enhancement Thailand has become one of the fastest growing procedures at Urban Beauty Thailand in terms of popularity. Women from Western nations who are desperate for this procedure are forced to pay up to $5,000! Imagine paying all that money just to have fuller lips! Worst of all, some of these women are left with the infamous ‘trout pout’. So much for getting what you paid for!

Lip Enhancement Surgery For Fuller Shapelier Lips

lip augmentationCosmetic lip surgery can re-shape your lips into more sensually attractive and fuller appearance.

Lips Reduction – Thick lips: a reduction of the size of your lips is possible.

  • Our surgeon will turns red lip contour to the inside of the mouth.
  • Your scar will be hidden in the mouth, and will not be visible.
  • Surgery under local anesthetics will take about one hour.
  • During 2 weeks the lips can be a little swollen and blue.
  • You will have to wait several months before the definite result will be visible.
  • During a few weeks you can have some difficulties moving your lips.
  • A change in the sensibility can occur but normally everything goes well. Sometimes the scar tissue in the mouth can be lumpy and palpable.

Shortage of red lip contour: an augmentation of the lips is possible.

  • If an injection is not effective because the red lip contour is turned too much to the inside, enhancement of the lips can be obtained by turning the inside of the red lip contour to the outside.
  • Procedure under local anesthetics will take about one hour.
  • During 2 weeks the lips can be a little swollen and blue.
  • This surgery can be combined with inserting an implant or filler.


Lifting of the upper lip

Aging can cause lengthening of the upper lip and narrowing of the red lip contour. This can be solved by a simple “butterfly procedure”.

  • Our surgeon will make a small incision, in the form of a butterfly, to raise the upper lip.
  • Your scar will be hidden in the nose.
  • Surgery under local anesthetics takes about one hour.
  • Surgery will restore ones youthful appearance.

Correction gummy smile

When too much red gum is showing, when smiling, our surgeon or cosmetic dentistry can help to enhance your smile.

MYOTOMY surgery

Often it is not because your teeth are too short that you have a gummy smile. Sometimes it’s the muscle of the upper lip, which is too strongly developed. This will lead to an imbalance in your smile.

Our surgeon will weaken the muscle of the upper lip (myotomy), between the gums and the upper lip, to correct this imbalance. The incision is made inside the mouth, so the scar doesn’t show.
Surgery under local anesthetics takes about one hour. The movement of the corners of the mouth stays intact, for a beautiful, natural smile.


Are your teeth too short or do your gums show? A gingivoplasty may be the solution. Our cosmetic dentist can enlarge the surface of your teeth by correcting the gums or he can put facings – veneers on your teeth to enhance your smile.

To know more about enhancing your lips through injections:

Preparing for your Lip surgery in Thailand:

  • Take a few moments to review your desired outcome to make sure that you and our plastic surgeon are on the same page. Surgeon will give instruction about surgery before operation.
  • Instead of feeling cursed by thin lips, add some volume to them with lip enhancement.
  • Book an appointment with Urban Beauty Thailand today and we can turn that frown into a sexy smile that drives men crazy.
  • When you contact Urban Beauty Thailand, we will not only set you up with our best surgeons team, we will also assist you in any way we can when it comes to finding accommodation.

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