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 Nose Correction Thailand – Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Nose Correction Thailand

Nose Reshaping Surgery Thailand Is Not Just Cosmetic

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  • Many people believe that a nose reshaping procedure will change their life.
  • Those who have never had issues with their nose will scoff at such a suggestion and perceive such cosmetic surgery to be a shallow pursuit.

However, psychologists have proven beyond doubt that nose corrective surgery and similar cosmetic procedures significantly improves the self-esteem of the recipient.

Such behavior is abhorrent to the staff at Urban Beauty Thailand who believe that everyone deserves to be confident in their own skin. We see beauty in everyone who visits us but we also understand when people have a need for cosmetic change. We are all entitled to happiness and if you believe that nose reshaping surgery in Thailand is your ticket towards better self-esteem and prospects then we will make it happen.

nose corrective thailand bangkokNose correction – Nose Reshaping surgery in Thailand

  • A nose correction is a radical surgery that changes your face, your self-confidence and emotional well-being.
  • A splint made of tape and an overlay of plastic, metal, or plaster is applied to help the bone and cartilage of the nose maintain their new shape.
  • After surgery, the patient has a smaller nose, a straighter bridge, a well defined nasal tip, and an improved angle between the nose and upper lip.
  • The structure of the nose is an important feature of the face.
  • Small corrections often result in a sizeable improvement in appearance.
  • Functional disturbance such as difficulty with breathing may also be corrected during a cosmetic nose correction. No two noses are the same. Thus, each nose correction requires an individual approach.

The purpose of the procedure is to create harmony with the other parts of the face. The details of the surgery will be explained by the plastic surgeon during the consultation.
Surgery in Thailand

In general, the surgery takes place on an out- patient basis. This means that you arrive at the Clinic in the morning, have your surgery, rest, and return home the same evening.

nose corrective thailandThe surgery takes approximately one to two hours.

  • The incision normally remains inside the nose. This allows the skeleton that consists of bone and cartilage to be modified.
  • Bone, cartilage, and nostrils are remodeled via the inside of the nose. The point of the nose can be changed as can the corner of the nose along with the upper lip. Eventually, our surgeon can correct bumps on the nose, straighten the nose, change the length and width, and reduce the nostrils.
  • The technology and progress made in sedation has helped to make extensive cosmetic procedures possible without the side effects of general anesthesia.
  • With the use of more efficient painkilling, only intravenous sedation is required instead of general anesthesia. Contrary to traditional narcosis, in which a tube is brought into the throat and connected to a breathing apparatus, you actually breathe on your own.
  • A few hours after the surgery you feel fine and have been spared the side effects of general anesthesia. You can go home the same day and the recovery period is much shorter.
  • This technology in sedation has made long and extensive surgeries safer. It is now possible to combine a nose correction with for instance, a face-lift or liposculpture.

Recovery in Thailand

  • After the surgery the nose may be held in a small splint.
  • Occasionally the inside of the nose is packed to absorb any oozing.
  • Splint and packs are removed after a few days.

nose-reshapingAFTER CARE

  • For several days after the surgery, the area around the eyes appears discolored and swollen. You need to take this into account when making social plans.
  • Our skin therapist can give you advice on how to camouflage this with make-up. The nose will be slightly swollen for several weeks.
  • It is important to avoid excessive blood flow to the face during the first few days after surgery.
  • For this reason, we advise against exposure to extreme warm and cold, alcohol, sneezing, pressing, bending, and lifting.
  • We recommend sleeping with the head slightly elevated to allow for good blood drainage.
  • It will be several months before the swelling is completely gone and the final assessment is made.

The Ethnic Nose Correction


With racial blending found in today’s society, the demand for more “westernized” nose types as opposed to more exotic types has grown.

  • The procedure usually consists of reducing the nose, raising the bridge, and refining the nose tip.
  • This surgery is a very refined form of cosmetic surgery.
  • In some cases, cartilage is also grafted in order to support the often flat nose skeleton. As with all nose corrections the purpose is to bring the nose in harmony with the rest of the face.
  • If your nostrils are too wide, the surgeon can remove small wedges of skin form their base, bringing them closer together.
  • Incisions are made inside the nostrils or at the base of the nose, providing access to the cartilage and bone, which can then be sculpted into shape.
  • The surgeon removes the hump using a chisel or a rasp, then brings the nasal bones together to form a narrower bridge.
  • Cartilage is trimmed to reshape the tip of the nose.
  • Trimming the septum improves the angle between the nose and upper lip.
  • Just imagine waking up one day and looking at a beautiful new nose which compliments your face perfectly.
  • Could you live with the admiring glances you receive when the swelling subsides and you look like royalty?

How high will your self-esteem be once you remove the biggest obstacle to fulfillment?

  • If you want to find out the answers to all these questions and enjoy a wonderful vacation in the sun too, contact Urban Beauty Thailand today and book an appointment.
  • Nose reshaping Thailand is currently available for just from 50,000 baht/approx. $1,430USD, less than $3,000, 30-70% less than you would pay in Europe, Australia or North America with the procedure performed by world renowned surgeons.

When you book with us, there are no hidden fees or charges, what you see is what you get!

If you aren’t worried about aesthetics and just want to breathe normally again, nose reshaping Thailand could finally put and end to the problem of never being able to breathe through your nose. You will no longer need to exclude yourself from activities because of your problem. Nose reshaping Thailand opens up new avenues whether you want to look your best ever or simply enjoy the same breathing privileges as everyone else.

Let’s Us help you with Nose Correction Nose Reshaping in Thailand