Lowest Cost From Flab to ABS VIA VASER HI-DEF in THAILAND

Lowest Cost From Flab to ABS VIA VASER HI-DEF in THAILAND

With low costs, quality treatment, and state-of-the-art equipment, it is not surprising that Vaser Hi-Definition Liposuction has become one of the most popular surgeries in Thailand for cosmetic medical tourists.

With Celebrity Doctor & Highly Experiences with our surgeons team ONLY COST, VASER Hi-def; Upper, Lower Abdominal and Waist start from 165,000 THB/approx $5,400 usd.


Flabby bits that won’t seem to go away, wobbly tums and areas which are a saggy sight rather than nice and tight, can make you feel like you are not able to show the lovely lines and shape of your body potential. Underneath the excess fat of every woman is a curvy, slim body, and under the chubby chest of any man is a finely sculpted physique, waiting to come out.



  • Most people are familiar with the concept of Liposuction, but Vaser Hi-Def is a form of body sculpting. This idea of shaping the body as part of Cosmetic Surgery techniques is made possible by modern technology.
  • It is not just women who are taking advantage of advancements either and seeing the results when it comes to flattening their stomachs and getting rid of chubby areas around the hips, thighs and arms.
  • Men increasingly want to look body beautiful too and this type of body sculpting appeals to men who want to turn a pigeon chest or the overweight moobs look into a six-pack with rippling abs.
  • If you look at your own body and excess fat is an issue, then you might find that it is not just located in one area, although quite often it will be around the tummy that it tends to stubbornly sit.
  • In Cosmetic Surgery days gone-by, in Thailand and the rest of the world, traditional Liposuction was one of the few options available.
  • Vaser Hi-Def uses sound waves to break down the fat and this can be done in such a way that the surgeon is literally choosing how to shape your body by concentrating different areas for different amounts of time and creating contour.
  • This breaks up the fat and then it is removed.
  • The skin tightens too as part of this surgery. However, because ultrasonic rays, the impact on the tissues and blood vessels when the fat is removed is less extreme and less risky.

Of course, this is not to say that body sculpting or Vaser Hi-Definition in Thailand is not an invasive surgery, and there is a need for recovery time, depending on the extent of the work you’ve had done of course. You might decide on a package for a complete beauty solution.

  • With the saving that you will make compared with having the same Cosmetic Surgery in the UK, the USA, or in many other parts of the world, you can enjoy spending some of that extra cash on recuperating in the sunshine, in a wonderful suite or resort, where you can benefit from the gentle nature of the Thai people and the no-pressure environment which Thailand is famous for.
  • What you might find as well, is that whereas some holiday locations become expensive to stay for longer than the usual holiday time, Thailand has some high-quality accommodation and hospital hotel-style rooms which are so inexpensive compared to much of Europe that it is more feasible for patients to spend a longer time recharging their entire body.

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