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G Spot Amplification Thailand

G Spot Augmentation Bangkok Spot Jab G-Shot For Better Sex Life

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Many women complain of decreased sexual sensitivity, and difficulty in achieving orgasm. The female G- Spot or Gräffenberg spot is an area that provides access to the vaginal orgasm when stimulated. The G point is the female prostate.

At any age, women may experience a decrease in sexual pleasure and sensations, and therefore sometimes a decrease in desire. G Spot Amplification, is a bean-shaped area of the vagina. The G-Spot is named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg. Many women report that it is an erogenous zone which, when stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation.

  • The G-Spot is typically located 2.5 to 7.6 cm up the front vaginal wall and is a sensitive area that may be part of the female prostate.The size and exact location vary. Although the G-Spot has been studied since the 1940s, only in 2009 British study concluded that its existence is unproven and subjective.
  • G-Spot stimulation usually results in an initial feeling of needing to urinate, which may last a few seconds to 30 sec. This is because the spot is so close to the bladder. Many women stop the stimulation fearing the urination feeling. But this feeling will change to a highly sexual pleasurable feeling. The resulting orgasm is much deeper within the body than a clitoral orgasm
  • G-Spot Enhancement creates more fullness to the G-Spot, allowing greater direct stimulation, so you can have a more intense and deeper orgasm. It also allows achieving an orgasm with less difficulty. G-Spot Enhancement is also referred to as the G-Shot, G-Spot Amplification, or G-Spot Augmentation. Women find that after G-Spot Enhancement, they are much more aware of their G-Spot. For women who are already tuned in to their G-Spot, they notice that it is more sensitive, fulfilling, and orgasms occur easier, more frequently, with less frustration, and are more intense.

Some women are not aware of their G-Spot, or think they do not have one. These women find that with G-Spot Enhancement Thailand or G Spot Amplification Thailand, they are more able to achieve deep vaginal orgasms, and become aware of the elusive G-Spot. G-Spot Enhancement Thailand is a safe, quick, and an effective way to have more sexual satisfaction

There are several ways to Augment the G-Spot in Thailand.

G Spot Amplification Thailand – Fat Grafting:

G Spot Amplification Thailand by Fat Grafting, the process requires only a short injection to increase the size of the G-Spot.

  • The procedure’s only drawback: the body absorbs the collagen within six to eight months. To maintain the effect, the injections must be repeated. Or, the patient can opt for fat grafting, a procedure that augments the patient’s G-Spot with her own fat. The procedure takes a small amount of donor fat, purifies it and injects the fat cells into the G-Spot.
  • To start a G-Spot augmentation Thailand, the patient is positioned on an exam table as if she were receiving a pap test and given some local anesthetic. While the injection only requires a matter of seconds to administer, the success of the procedure requires great skill and one of the most delicate touches known.


G Spot Amplification Thailand – Fillers:

G-Spot Augmentation Thailand/Amplification by Fillers, are often used to plump up the G-Spot area just like other areas of the face and lips.  The reasons that fillers, such as Juvederm, are popular for cosmetic improvements are that they rarely cause allergic reactions and have predictable and safe results.

  • G Spot amplification Thailand is a procedure intended to temporarily increase pleasure in sexually active women with normal sexual function.
  • The procedure involves increasing the size and sensitivity of the G-spot.
  • The method of amplifying or augmenting the G-Spot with a human engineered hyaluron acid. Hyaluron acid is a common ingredient found in many health care products and can also be found naturally throughout the body.
  • This discovery enhance sexual stimulation for women and deepen many facets of pleasure. The G-Shot® or G-Spot Amplification® is a patent pending technique to enhance the G- Spot with a hyaluron products.
  • G-Spot augmentation Thailand is intended for sexually active women with normal sexual function and is performed at the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. Afterwards, the patient may immediately return to her normal activities.

For those women that do not have vaginal orgasms easily, or at all, a G-Spot injection (G-Shot) would give them a thicker vaginal wall precisely in the area of the G-Spot. This quick and painless procedure enables these women to have vaginal orgasms.

Just think about how grateful all the women you attract into your life will be when you give them a powerful vaginal orgasm! For some it could be the first time they ever have a VAGINAL ORGASM!

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