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Male Breast Reduction, GYNECOMASTIA THAILAND Review and Cost!!

A Real Solution To Combat The Pain Of Male Breast Reduction Thailand

THAILAND Gynecomastia is a medical condition that is the cause of some embarrassment amongst men who suffer from it.
Although the world’s increasing obesity rate is certainly playing a part in the rise of gynecomastia, some men are just exceedingly unlucky. They exercise, eat healthily but still suffer from this condition which is essentially a collection of fat around the chest which makes those who suffer from it appear to have breasts

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Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

    • The most important benefit of Gynecomastia plastic surgery is that a man will no longer have breasts similar to that of a woman. In itself, this has other advantages:
    • After a successful Gynecomastia plastic surgery, a man will no longer have to live with the dishonor of having breasts of a woman. There will be a spike in one’s self-esteem arising from full knowledge that one is no longer a man with the breasts of a woman.
    • When the man’s body is restored to its masculine physique, one can truly claim to be a man as opposed to having girly breasts that makes people doubt about one’s gender.
  • Gynecomastia plastic surgery is very easy and quick to complete. An operation normally lasts only up to as much as two hours. As such, a patient will not be required to stay long in bed and can recuperate at home.

Feel too embarrass sunbath in public?

Do you:

  •     Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror all at costs?
  •     Wear extremely loose clothing?
  •     Exercise every day and eat a balanced diet?
  •     Want a solution that will get rid of the curse of Gynecomastia permanently?

 If so, Urban Beauty Thailand is delighted to announce that we have Male breast reduction Thailand procedure especially for men that will remove the excess fat from their chest and allow them to live life on their terms without being forced to cover up against their wishes. We also find that men with Gynecomastia Thailand are more withdrawn and introverted. The results of Male breast reduction Thailand have been astonishing with shy and retiring men finding a confidence they never knew existed.



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Am I The Right Candidate For Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Not all men with Gynecomastia Thailand are a good fit for this form of cosmetic surgery. You are a good candidate if you:

  •     Are financially secure
  •     Have no history of mental illness
  •     Are in good general physical health, eat healthily and exercise regularly
  •     Have no serious illnesses
  •     Do not smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol or engage in recreational drugs like marijuana

Removing Gynecomastia in Thailand

    • Male breast reduction Thailand does involve removing quantities of fat so it must be considered as an invasive surgery.
    • There will be some minor scars after the procedure and there is also the possibility that you will lose feeling in your nipples for a short time after the procedure.
    • If you smoke, drink alcohol regularly or take recreational drugs, you are increasing the risk of infection, dehydration, excessive bleeding, seromas and hematomas.
    • Male breast Thailand, procedure to deal with Gynecomastia Thailand often lasts less than two hours. You will need to meet with our medical team prior to the procedure so that they can determine the cause of your Gynecomastia. The reason why the fatty tissue is on your chest dictates how our team removes it.
    • For example, those who have gynecomastia because of a glandular problem will have the excess glandular tissue removed from the breast.
  •  For all procedures, an incision will be made underneath the arm or around the areola with excess skin and fat expertly removed. If the breasts are comprised of mainly fatty tissue, our team will use liposuction to damage the fat cells and remove them through suction. The flesh will be recapped after excess skin has been removed and the nipples will be repositioned. A small drain will be placed in another incision to ensure that all excess fluids and blood are taken away.

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How Do I Recover?

  • Hopefully, the thrill of removing gynecomastia from your life will make the healing process easier. Certainly, after spending a night or two in hospital, you will be free to roam around Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui or Phuket as we have affiliates in all these amazing cities. You’re given a pressure bandage which should be worn for two weeks. Sutures will also be removed within two weeks of the surgery. We recommend that you keep your chest away from the sun for approximately three months after breast reduction surgery.
  • Most importantly however, you will remove gynecomastia from your life. You will have a masculine, firm chest that you won’t be able to resist showing to the world. If you have man breasts and are desperate to get rid of them at a price you can afford, contact Urban Beauty Thailand today and book an appointment.

Our surgeons use the latest techniques to create a natural, younger appearing you.

Male Breast Reduction, GYNECOMASTIA THAILAND Review and Cost A Real Solution To Combat The Pain Of Male Breast Reduction Thailand with Decade of Expertise. Our surgeons use the latest techniques to create a natural, younger appearing you. If you are ready to experience Male Breast Reduction/Gynocomastia Thailand with a leading surgeon.

If you are ready to experience Male Breast Reduction/Gynocomastia Thailand with a leading surgeon. For more information you may visit us or or +66 86 376 4826/086 376 4826/086 655 2462.


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