Hair Loss Prevention Thailand

Hair Transplant Thailand – Hair Loss Prevention Thailand

HAIR Loss Prevention Thailand

  • Hair implants

  • Hair restoration Thailand is a surgical procedure intended to permanently correct male pattern baldness.

  • Hair surgeries should be performed by certified surgeons

Hair Loss Prevention

  • If you notice thinning of your hair or when they suddenly become brittle, you may benefit from specialist medical attention.
  • A Galeatomy / Galeatomy can be very helpful towards continued healthy hair growth.
  • The procedure takes place under local anesthetic.


  • The root of each hair constantly makes new hair. Therefore healthy hair growth requires high vitamin and mineral turn over.
  • Shortage of important minerals, vitamins and enzymes can result in hair loss, split ends, dullness and combing difficulties.
  • Stress and certain medications can also cause hair loss.
  • Hair loss and renewal can also appear in cycles, which often cause alarm. The only treatment for this sort of hair loss is patience.


  • After all other medical causes have been eliminated or treated, surgical intervention may help.
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  • This intervention of Galeatomy / Galeatomy has been described a few decades ago and has experienced several technical improvements.

At Urban Beauty Thailand, we have adapted the method completely for the endoscopic method with minimal scars, above the temples, and immediate recovery.

    • The physiological mechanism behind the apparent effect of the Galeatomy has not been clarified as yet. In our hands, however, retrospective satisfaction tops 95%.
    • In female patients we have occasionally witnessed thickening of the hair. In men the best effect is limited to the preservation of the thickness. One has to allow 3 months for the effect to become apparent.
    • A Galeatomy / Galeatomy, under local anesthesia, takes about 45 minutes. You can go home straight after the procedure, although you should not drive or operate heavy machinery for the rest of the day.
  • A Galeatomy is often performed in combination with hair restoration surgery to prevent further hair loss. Generally we do not recommend a hair transplant, filling up one area of the scalp, whereas further balding, hair loss, around that area is expected to take place in due course.

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