Hair Transplant Technique in Thailand

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Hair Transplant Technique in Thailand


Hair loss is progressive, meaning that you have a limited supply of hair at the donor area to distribute to the area of baldness. Experienced and qualified hair surgeons are willing to spend more time in harvesting and cutting the grafts to achieve minimal wastage. Those who opt for quick donor harvesting will use blind techniques and that ends up with significant follicular damage, up to 37% transection rate has been reported in medical literature. The damaged hair follicles usually have lower growth rate and, even if they do grow, they are deformed and miniaturized hair.


    • Hairline design is a combination of science and art. Our doctors will seek your opinion to draw a new hairline most suitable for your facial contour.
    • Sedation will be given orally so that you will be relaxed and calm before local anesthetic is administered.
    • After removing a piece of skin for grafts harvesting, we make very tiny incision [lateral slit] at the areas to be transplanted.
    • These slits are oriented in the same direction and angle of your existing hair.
    • We insert the hair in a purposefully random fashion along the hairline to look natural.
    • In this clinic we do exclusively follicular unit transplantation, nothing bigger.
    • Follicular units (FUs) are the smallest hair groupings naturally occurring in the human scalp. FUs may contain 1-4 hairs.
    • Our team is very meticulous in handling and inserting the grafts into the created slits.
    • The follicular grafts are first contained in special ring holders designed by our clinic to prevent dessication.
    • The holders also assist the transplanters to select the appropriate graft size for insertion.
  • By selecting only skinny 1 hair grafts for the front, and coarse 2 to 3 hair grafts on the back, we can create very natural looking result.


Our clinic is specializes in ultra refined follicular unit grafting. With a team of 14 people we have transplanted more than 5,000 grafts in one session. The modern trend is to transplant the maximum number in a single session to ensure good density coverage, but safety. You will look good even after one procedure, and future touch up sessions is optional rather than compulsory.
What is the maximum we can do for you will depend on the quality and density of your donor hair and your budget. Our average is 3,000 grafts per session. However no job is too small for us and we are happy to transplant a few hundred of grafts depending on your need.


Risk from Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration procedure Thailand:


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