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Save Your Eyes And $4,000With An Eyelash Transplant In Bangkok,Thailand!

$5,000 is a lot of money, regardless of whether you’re from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or Thailand where this works out at just over 150,000 baht. This is how much American and European surgeons expect patients to pay for an eyelash transplant. As a result, this cosmetic procedure was derided in the West as an unnecessary extravagance. Experts everywhere pondered alternative ways to spend the money:

  • A new car
  • Go towards a down payment on a house
  • Help your kids through college
  • Enjoy a nice vacation in Thailand!
  • Save for a rainy day

These are all excellent suggestions, except for the fact that:

The need for an eyelash transplant is surprisingly common because there are a host of reasons why an individual has no eyelashes left.

  • Injuries to the face and scarring because of industrial or automobile accidents
  • Traction alopecia because false eyelashes were used for a prolonged period of time
  • Medical treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy that causes hair loss over the entire body
  • A congenital disorder that prevents hair growth
  • Voluntary plucking of eyelashes

winnie eyelash transplant before and afterNow that the existence of an eyelash transplant Thailand is better known, more men and women than ever before are flocking to Urban Beauty Thailand to have the procedure performed by one of our internationally renowned surgeons. You should consider an eyelash transplant if you:

  • Have suffered from a trauma or disease that has negatively affected the growth of your eyelashes
  • Been involved in an accident that robbed you of this feature
  • Are unhappy with your current eyelashes and would like them to be enhanced

In order for the eyelash transplant in Thailand to go smoothly, you must follow the instructions below in the final 7 days before the procedure to help prevent bleeding and infection during and after the surgery:

  • You have to STOP taking aspirin and other anticoagulant drugs and don’t start taking them again until the medical team gives the all-clear
  • You have to STOP taking multivitamin supplements
  • You have to STOP smoking or  drinking alcohol
  • When cleaning your face, use an antiseptic soap
  • Take antibiotics if prescribed by the team at Urban Beauty Thailand
  • Thai’s surgeon has performing Eyelash procedure by using same technique as Dr. Bauman.
  • Eyelash transplantation in Thailand is a safe, effective way to restore living and growing lashes to your eyelid.

NOTE: Transplanted lashes grow LONG and will therefore need to be routinely trimmed (and perhaps curled). Growing eyelashes to be permanently restored to the eyelid using microsurgery.

The eyelash transplant procedure usually involves taking hair from your body and using it to create the eyelashes. As a result, patients with a congenital disorder that precludes them from growing hair are unsuitable for this procedure. As small, fine hairs are the best, our surgeons usually opt to use hair from behind the scalp of the patient.

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Eyelash Transplant Procedure in Thailand

    • Performing under local anesthesia is all that is necessary and our team ensure that your eyes are protected throughout.
    • A special instrument is used to keep the eyelids steady.
  • The surgeon performing the procedure then punctures the eyelid in the place where the hair and follicles are to be transplanted.

Usually upto 40 or more lashes can be placed per eyelid during a session.

Usually, surgeon will provide Medication for pain relief is provided as well as medication to reduce swelling. Several hours after the procedure, some mild discomfort may be experienced in the donor area, as well as the eyelid.

Save $4,000 Today! At Urban Beauty Thailand

At Urban Beauty Thailand, we know that 150,000 baht is a lot to pay for an eyelash transplant which is why we charge 98,000 baht.

    • This procedure is around 60% cheaper than it is in the West.
  • Our surgeons are as qualified as their Western counterparts and because the equipment we use is state of the art, there is no reason why you should pay 98,000 baht or $3,000 extra for the same procedure!

Should eyelash damage occur, it might be temporary.

    • After six to twelve months, eyelash growth should ‘rebound’ somewhat if the damage is not severe.
    • If the eyelash damage is permanent, eyelash transplantation can be used to replace lost lashes.
  • Eyelash transplantation can also be used to enhance short, thin, spare or otherwise ‘weak’ lashes.


If you want to save a fortune, preserve your eyesight and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in an exotic paradise, contact Urban Beauty Thailand today and book an appointment for an eyelash transplant.

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