Hair Transplant Surgery Thailand

Hair Transplant Surgery Thailand – Hair transplant surgery can restore your naturally growing hair for life.

Hair transplant surgery can restore your naturally growing hair for life.

When done right, the result is so natural that even a stylist cannot detect it. The days of the unnatural looking “corn row”
results are long gone.

Today hair restoration surgery is a one day out-patient procedure requiring only local anesthesia. Most patients are surprised by how little discomfort, if any, they experience during and after surgery.

This site will help you learn how hair transplants work, what procedure is the most advanced and natural and which physicians worldwide perform outstanding hair restoration surgery.

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Why Hair Transplant Works – Natural looking hair transplant photos

    • Every single follicle of hair on the human scalp is genetically programmed before birth to either become sensitive to the male hormones which begin to appear during puberty – causing the follicle to wither and die in time – or not to become sensitive to these hormones and continue growing throughout one’s lifetime.


    • Choosing to have hair transplant surgery is an important decision. You are seeking a treatment that will permanently alter your appearance.


    • In today’s procedure-dominated medical industry, many doctors make decisions based upon their own economic interests rather than considering what is in the best interest of the patients.


    • Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to educate yourself about both, the hair transplant procedure and the physician who will perform surgery. This will help to ensure that you have a safe procedure and that you achieve the best possible cosmetic result.


  • Lifelong hair follicles are found in good supply in virtually all men,  even severely bald men. These lifelong hairs are concentrated in a horseshoe-shaped area at the very back of the head. We call this region the”donor area”. Our hair transplantation surgeon take excess hairs – follicles and all – from this plentiful area and relocate them to areas of thinning and balding on the top or front of the head.

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At Urban Beauty Thailand, the surgical transplanting of hair follicles is a remarkably simple outpatient procedure.

Modern hair restoration:

A combination of 2 surgical techniques for a beautiful, natural looking result.

1. REDISTRIBUTION of own hair: for frontal HAIRLINE AND TEMPLES.

2. SCALP EXTENSION: for top and back of the SCALP.

Because of superior results, the scalp extension method is now frequently used in Urban Beauty Thailand as prime method for the rear 2/3 of the bald scalp.

  • The frontal hairline is filled with redistributed hair according to a micro follicular grafting method.
  • Thus, hair grafts can reach higher density on the smaller area of the front hairline and temples.
  • The rear 2/3 back is maximally filled with the scalp extension method (Frechet Method).
  • We recommend combining hair restoration with a GALEATOMY.

A Galeatomy is a surgical operation to prevent further hair loss. This very significantly decreases the probability of having to deal with proceeding hair loss relatively shortly after expensive restorative surgery!


  • For baldness of the frontal 1/3rd of the scalp – frontal hairline and temples– the redistribution of own hair, by micro grafting, is an efficient solution.
  • For the crown area, a scalp extension gives a better and more natural looking result.

REDISTRIBUTION BY MICRO GRAFTING: Each hair is individually transplanted. The hairs flow naturally into the hairline, giving it a more natural appearance.


The hole, in which the hair follicle is transplanted, can be made in 2 different ways:

  • A small incision with a surgical needle ( = puncture method )
  • With the laser, which burns a little hole in the scalp.
  • The laser can burn some tissue loss around the small hole. This makes the method unsuitable for densification of areas of thinning hair. Therefore, our surgeons prefer the puncture method.


  • The donor hair on the back of the scalp –“the eternal crown”- should be of good quality.
  • Darker more curly hair gives better visual density.
  • Generally, men are the primary candidates but woman who experience regional baldness can also benefit from this procedure.


  • If hair loss is caused by disease or lack of vitamins and minerals, then treatment is recommended prior to transplantation.
  • If good, healthy, donor hair is not available micro grafting becomes impossible.
  • Hair restorative surgery should be carefully thought through, also with the long term progress of balding in mind.
  • The surgery is irreversible and invariably does give rise to permanent scarring, which may in later life become a problem.


  • Yes, our plastic surgeon transplants good healthy donor hair to the bald area.
  • The lifespan and quality is the same as that for the hair of the donor region.


  • Generally, up to 95% of the transplanted hair will grow successfully.
  • According to the degree of baldness the density can be still insufficient after one session.
  • A second session, from six weeks after the first onwards, can be performed to achieve thicker hair growth.


  • Micro grafting is an efficient solution for restoration of the frontal 1/3th of the scalp.
  • Scalp extension gives the best result for the balding crown. Until recently, redistribution of own hair was limited to implantation methods.
  • However they carry their limitations, particularly with a long term view.
  • It is impossible to achieve the necessary thickness for extensive baldness with only the maximal 2.000 hairs.
  • After only a micro graft procedure is done on substantial baldness,the scalp will still be shiningly visible.
  • Several transplant procedures should be necessary to achieve a natural result.
  • The scalp extension method gives a better, natural result and fuller hair for the crown and on the rear of the head.


  • With the use of an internal elastic stretching system the plastic surgeon gradually stretches the hairline. The device is not noticeable.
  • Between 8 and 12 cm of bald scalp can thus be removed over a period of two months without significant social or professional interference.
  • In a first surgical phase, an elastic stretching system (extender), is placed unnoticeably under the skin. If possible, some excess scalp will already be removed at this first stage.
  • After 1 month you will come back for a second phase. The plastic surgeon removes some more of the bald scalp. The stretched hairy scalp will then fill the defect.
  • If necessary the surgeon places a new extender during this second phase, for further treatment.
  • 1 month after the second phase you will have to come back to checkout with our surgeon.
  • The hairy skin is lifted into the bald position – natural hair growth direction is achieved by an interlocking scar on top of the head.

For very extensive baldness and in patients with a tough scalp, a central defect may remain albeit only a small fraction of the original bald surface. This small area will be amenable to further redistribution procedures.

Transplantation of micro-grafts, for filling up the front hair line and temples, can be performed during the same procedure of the scalp extension.

This means that full surgical recovery can normally take place in 3 sessions during a two month period.


Scalp extension can takes place under intravenous sedation in which you will be asleep and breathe yourself, without feeling any pain at all. fine, however you may choose general anesthesia


The extender is temporary implanted under the skin. The implant is not visible. The skin is sutured in a fine line and can result in crust formation in the first 14 days.
Most people go back to work the second day after the surgery. Social and professional interference are minimal.

Risk from Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration procedure Thailand:

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